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Empowered is a digital companion that guides employees towards greater wellness through collective engagement, and generates real-time insights for employers to improve employee morale levels.

How It Works?

Tell Us About Yourself
Employees answer some basic questions, choose their privacy settings and add close friends so we can customize their experience.

Self Awareness
Employees check in with themselves and notice what's working well through useful prompts.

Employees receive action recommendations backed by thorough research to elevate their wellness.

Maximize Impact
Learn about their colleagues, engage in unique ways to earn points, explore new ways of wellness, understand trends and observe what makes your wellness changes.

Uncover Insights
Data driven pulse checks, for employers to gauge the instant and long term impact of actions

Why choose Empowered for your wellness needs?

Gamified to Drive Engagement

Do you know engaged employees are 59% less likely to switch jobs in the next 12 months versus unengaged employees? Humans love competing. And we’re creating a healthy competition, where everyone wins.

Luxury to Choose

Employees can decide how much they want to engage, based on personal preferences and their existing wellness practices. No one will be left out. 

Designed for Your Needs

There are many solutions available for large businesses, but small and medium size businesses need wellness too. Our product is tailored to suit the unique needs of small and medium businesses.

Data Driven insights

Do you know 68% of employees feel that employers are not making good decisions for their wellness? Empowered provides a wide variety of data sets on employee pulse levels, allowing employers to make sound decisions and implement initiatives that will actually work 

How does Empowered help?

We support players on both sides of the coin

For Employees

For Employers

Why our clients love us...

Got Questions?

Good! We’re an open book.

We cater to small to medium sized businesses with 10 to 100 employees. We will also be creating enterprise solutions in the future. 

There are certain personal information items collected for each user. All data points are encrypted and anonymized. Refer to our privacy policy here. 

Step 1: Get in touch by completing the form below for a representative to connect with you.

Step 2: Register and choose your data insights add-ons. 

Step 3: Let us onboard the webapp with your systems.

Step 4: Watch your employees connect, engage and elevate workplace morale

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